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Wanna Get Back Into Wal-Mart?

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Monday, May 9th, 2005
9:40 pm
okay...some things in this journal are going to be different...there's been a falling out between CC Babcock and Cindy Crawford. Therefore, we won't be making any entries together, if any at all...

it was fun while it lasted.

with cheese, The Cock 8==D

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Thursday, March 31st, 2005
9:28 am - "I am Special and Important'

It is HyphonE and the Svedish and we are sitting here in Study Hall... Just got back from the library and Lunch! IT WAS SOME GOOD EATIN YA'LL! Just kiddin, I donty appreciate them putting the cat in the chicken salad mix! NASTAY! CHICKEN POPCORN SEX! Sorry that the last few entries havent been all that fun! Except for the Chinese Crusted! They werent as fun because myself wasnt put into the mix... WOO BIAS! Just kiddin, my side kick here is just as fun as I am so give her some lovin! Please Call Her!

Your face is as soft as a freshly shaven Ass! AND YOU LIKE IT PLAYERs... Well the HyphonE must rest while I let the Cheese take over... Yay for her! I AM NICE!

and you like that shit don't you!? i'll just take out my fuckin fucker telescopic kalideoscope retractable! gun and shoot ya in the face like in acting class! what do you think of that ya goddamn stink cupcake?! i enjoy the cheese and sex, but i've never tried them together. if you know what they're like, please let me know, as i'm very interested. i will pay $money$. hooker style bia!!!!!

i am cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese very cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese and you like it because i smell like a refrigerator that has lost all power and is filled with meat and cheese and rotting VEGE-TABLES!!!! possibly fruit. or chocolate. i'm not aware. PUDDING!!


Svedish smells like a hairy cab driver's arm pit on a hot summers day! WITHOUT A SHOWER OR ANY DEODARANT! LOVELY! SMELLS LIKE PETUNIAS!


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Tuesday, March 29th, 2005
12:43 pm

it ain't all cocktails and sequins, kidsCollapse )




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12:38 pm - a small piece of information that might actually affect you.
oh, and just so you know

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12:30 pm
what's up bias!! this is THE COCK comin at your face! 8===D
what's up? i am!! XD


me and the Cindy just came back from lunch and he owes me 6 dolla! 5 because of a bet we had about Disney World and stuff, and 1 because i bought him an ice cream. not very interesting.

i enjoy goats and all the random things that they eat. isn't that FABULOUS?!?!

"that's not a crack hole, that's a rat hole!"


sense memoryness

ice cream is cold and vanillaey and chocolatey all at once. actually. yes.

i had chicken and mayonnaise and french fries with pepper.


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Monday, March 28th, 2005
7:20 pm

I adopted a cute lil' June birthstone fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

I adopted a cute lil' September birthstone fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!


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Friday, March 25th, 2005
5:44 pm
Let me see here... This is the HyphonE and he is ready to rock this shit out of your ass! January was the last time we made an entry but I guess we still gots some readers so I figure lets keep them occupied and make more entries! WOOO! THASA SMAWT DURY PRODUC!

My good friend The Svedish just got out of work so she is most likely on her way to the boyfriends house (Chris!)... And by the way she was an evil lady of the night and broke the Rules... She touched the P.P. before 15 dates and they are currently not married and THE BOOBIES HAVE COME OUT OF THEIR HARNESS! GASP!

CC IS GOING TO HELL... JESUS HATES YOU! "Jesus Loves Me This I Know,
For The Bible Tells Me So. Little Children Down Below, For He is Strong and They Are Weak..." And I dont know the rest of the words because I am not religious and havent been since the 4th grade when I gave myself to God... But just in case we have some religous readers we will stop talking about the Lord and his people! Bless Your Hearts...

Cindy is grounded once again for reasons that you shall not know because of the embarrassing truth that lays behind them! If that doesnt make any sense I dont care because SVEDISH MADE ME DO IT! MAHAHA! DUN DUN DUN! SEX! END BOLD! HA! In order to get back into Wal-Mart YOU MUST CALL 1-800-WAL-MART and then you may be given permission to go... WOOO! 11 Months, 4 Weeks, 1 Day left... YAY!

"He asked me to forcibly insert the lifeline index card into MY ANUS!"

"Sometimes I doubt your commitment to SPARKLE MOTION! (God Is Awesome!)"

"Basically it Fucks ou UUP!"

If you like icons the HyphonE and the CC COCK made some pretty nifty ones and some of them are displayed in the community _mystolenicons_ and they is rockin the crack house just like Svedish Cheese used to do in the old days before she went straight and got off all the crack and stopped servicing the old Chinese Business Men here on vacation! Damn her, she was makin good money too! I <3 SVEDISH! Im just JOSHIN YA! HAHAHA! THAT WAS KNEE SLAPPA! HYUCK!

Well it is time for Cindy to leave, "Anal Leackage, Gotta Go!" me is talkin to yous latas! PEASE!

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Thursday, December 2nd, 2004
12:03 pm - "I'm a vegetarian! People who do that are cruel, cold, and heartless!!"
HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOO all you faithful readers...how many of you are there? Like um...0. Bahaha. But me and Hyphone dont give a fuck! We're still cool, even if you don't like us. \m/(x_x)\m/

We have like 6 minutes before we have to go to lunch, yaaay! We're in Mr. Mendell's room right now because Mr. Morgan can straight up eat a fat dick. I mean...*cough* :D Not my dick. Not Brutus. I wouldn't subject him to that. And hopefully not Cindy Crawford's dick either because that's just not nice. Cosmo. No. Heehee. END BOLD!! Muthafacko. Hm. I'm hungry. I need 75 cents. Cindy is gonna be nice and give me a dollar, he said. Hmm. I don't know what's going on!! MY BRAIN IS FREAKIN OUT CUZ I'M FUCKIN TIRED AS SHIT IN A COW PATTY THAT'S MOLDING AND DESPERATE!!! IT'S A GOD DAMN DESPERATE COW PATTY SHIT MABOB!

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA i have to go. goodbye. \m/(x_x)\m/ CRACKSHIT!

-with love from CC Babcock AKA Svedish Cheese~~~~

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